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Common Core State Standards

STEM in the real world

How do modern successful companies prepare for future workforce needs? How do they guarantee that there will be a steady pipeline of qualified candidates ready to fill the burgeoning demand for technically trained individuals? If you’re the Ford Motor Company, you start an initiative called Next Generation Learning to bring real-world problems into the classroom, problems that demand collaboration...
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Education’s Modern Face

The face of education is changing rapidly to meet the demands of modern enterprise and industry. Just over the last few years alone, there have been new CCSS (Common Core State Standards), Next Gen (Next Generation Science Standards), and we have seen the rise of STEM and STEAM and their variants, some focusing on art, some on architecture, some on the design process in addition to science, techno...
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How do we learn?

A student of the Swiss psychologist, Piaget, Seymour Papert is an MIT mathematician who is the intellectual father of project-based learning. His constructionist view is that individuals learn, and learn best, by interacting with their environment to make things. They learn by doing and from the things that others do, and in this way construct new knowledge. Learning, on this view, is both self-di...
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