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Effecting change

STEM across disciplines

Humankind is beset with problems of its own making: runoff of chemicals from industrial agriculture risks polluting the water table; human overpopulation taxes the environment to produce sufficient food, to supply enough potable water, and results in massive production of waste; and the energy industries (coal, oil and nuclear) have had a significant environmental impact on air, land and water. Th...
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The Advantage of Autism

Thorkil Sonne is not a household name. Nevertheless, he is a pioneer in changing the perception that the world has of those on the spectrum. Sonne, a Dane, was the technical director of a software company when he noticed that his son, who is on the spectrum, had a keen eye for detail, great persistence, and a phenomenal memory. What Sonne noticed is that his son had just the skills that his compan...
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What is, and what might be

The history of technology traces the arc of human progress, from its earliest beginnings in the stone tools primitive man made to survive, through the control of fire and the rise of agriculture, to the present. Presently, we live in a digital age, and the tools of progress now are broadband access, quantum computing, particle accelerators, and spacecraft design. Yet the quest for understanding, t...
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