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Learning and experience

The path from Piaget to Papert to project-based learning is a direct one. It was the Swiss psychologist, Piaget, who argued that children don’t learn by being passive receptors of information from the environment, but by actively confronting it. His student, Papert, who went on to be a founding faculty member of the MIT Media lab, followed in Piaget’s footsteps, arguing too that children learn by ...
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STEM and Universal Design

One of the most powerful Universal Design principles is that students with disabilities, like those without, benefit from having material presented to them in a variety of ways: aurally, visually, and kinesthetically. Similarly, students do best when given a variety of ways to engage the material, when they have a choice between giving a presentation, building a model, or writing a paper. The prin...
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Sense this!

Sensors are the fastest growing sector of the technology market. At a time when the economy is sluggish and the unemployment numbers stubbornly resistant, why is the sensor sector so remarkably robust? Sensors are continually finding new uses: in touch screens, in measuring vital signs, and more recently in printed electronics. So, an electrode in the handle of your bicycle can measure your heart ...
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