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The future of STEM

So, you don’t want to be a physicist or a computer analyst—is there still a STEM job for you? The question is important because over the next decade, occupations within STEM fields will grow almost twice as fast as non-STEM jobs. And the skills that workers will need even at the entry-level are far more sophisticated than they have ever been in the past. As the Alliance for Science & Technology Research in America put it in a 2013 report, “[I]n 62 percent of American jobs over the next 10 years, entry‐level workers will need to be proficient in algebra, geometry, data interpretation, probability and statistics.” But not every STEM job requires a four-year degree. There is an abundance of two-year programs at technical or vocational schools, and some of the best-paying and fastest-growing occupations are STEM-related, but not specifically engineering-, science-, or math-related. Mechanics and repair technologies, drafting and design, and construction management are all areas of robust job growth and areas where technical skill is required, but where the academic demands are not as onerous. Jobs in financial modeling, bookkeeping, accounting, investing, and statistical analysis also abound and they too don’t necessarily require a four-year degree.
Our sensitivity to these changes in the demands of the labor market, both current and future, is a factor in driving our curricular offerings at Village Glen. For those who want to enter the sciences, we offer classes in the core subjects of biology, chemistry, and AP Environmental Science, but also in computer science by way of programming, AP Statistics, and 3D computer graphics. Robotics supports those with an interest in engineering design and mechanics. And Accounting, new for us this year, supports students in developing skills for a future in the financial industry in anything from banking to insurance to accounting itself. Our students all have the potential to be leaders in any one of these fields. At Village Glen, we work towards realizing that potential.

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