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STEM, education, and a secure career

How do you get a job in the technology industry without a college degree? In the November 5th online issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, (http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2014-11-05/how-to-get-a-job-in-the-technology-industry-without-a-college-degree ) there is an interesting article which responds to just that question. This should allay some concerns that high-demand STEM careers are precluded those without a great deal of post-secondary education.
The particular focus of the article is on cyber security, a field which continues to advertise positions far in excess of qualified candidates. Cisco, the networking giant, puts the shortfall at over 1 million. Consider that any enterprise has sensitive information: personal, financial, health, which it needs to protect. So, finding suitable candidates for these cyber security positions is essential for maintaining the integrity of their organizations.
In response to the large shortfall in suitable personnel, a number of companies (Symantic is one) have started to look at training those at the high school level and those newly graduated. The idea is to train them for entry-level positions, particularly because those who get a college degree will start at a much higher level, thus still leaving the entry-level positions unfilled. An initial group of students, some in San Francisco, with nothing more than a high school diploma, are learning security testing in 16 weeks of classes, and are then placed in internships in investment houses and banks. The intention is to have them ready thereafter to fill entry-level jobs which will lead to a solid career.
At Village Glen, we graduate students who are perfect for such pursuits. While in high school, we offer them the essential basic skills to thrive at such a job by offering classes in programming, computer technology and AP Statistics, among others. We want our students to possess not only the basic skills to effectively and efficiently navigate the cyber world; we want them to thrive in it.

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