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STEM across disciplines

Humankind is beset with problems of its own making: runoff of chemicals from industrial agriculture risks polluting the water table; human overpopulation taxes the environment to produce sufficient food, to supply enough potable water, and results in massive production of waste; and the energy industries (coal, oil and nuclear) have had a significant environmental impact on air, land and water. There are problems of deforestation, of species extinction, of overfishing, a seemingly endless list of environmental concerns, most of them pressing and all of them of deep concern because of their impact on the planet on which we live.
Addressing these environmental concerns in a meaningful and far-reaching way will fall to future generations, but the preparation for solving these problems is ongoing. In classes like Environmental Science, Village Glen students delve into sustainable and low-impact practices for the growing of food or plants generally—they are encouraged to think of alternative ways of producing energy, and of using the planet’s resources in ways that don’t exhaust them and that don’t negatively impact land, water, and air in the process.
One of the most important tasks in these classes is to relate the science to decision making so that those who manage resources and make the decisions are made aware of the impact of their decisions. Such a role requires the ability to critically analyze the science and to understand the role of science in informing public policy; it requires the ability to present a point of view effectively, and to ask for and assess feedback from others. It requires a deep understanding of both the science and the political, economic, and other considerations impacting the decisions.
At Village Glen, we believe that only by interdisciplinary collaboration will our students have a complete grasp of the nature of contemporary problems. We want them to grasp the social impact of these issues as much as the scientific impact, the biology and chemistry as much as the politics and economics. Such is the goal of STEM at Village Glen.

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