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Small school, Big school

Which should you prefer for your students, to send them to a large school with all of the resources a large school has, or to a small school with possibly compensatory benefits? No need to ponder any longer—the evidence is in, and it overwhelmingly favors smaller schools for any number of reasons.

Students in small schools and programs perform significantly better academically than their peers in large schools, they graduate in higher numbers, participate more actively in extra-curricular events, have better rates of attendance, and generally have better attitudes towards school and to learning. Their parents too are more likely to be involved in the school, and teachers and administrators report a greater sense of effectiveness, as they are able to respond more promptly to students’ needs. The message is clear: Think small, to think big!

At Village Glen we have long taken the foregoing to heart. We are a small school, and we have smaller programs within the school devoted to addressing particular student needs. Those at the gifted end of the Autism Spectrum, for example, are directed towards Honors and AP classes, and towards advanced electives in the languages, arts and humanities and the sciences. But we also offer the range and depth of classes and opportunities only typically found at a much larger school. From opportunities in robotics and programming to workability on and off campus, from real-world projects in environmental science to real-world competitions in the community, Village Glen maintains a competitive edge in promoting the well-being and promoting the academic excellence of its students. Think small, to think big!

The music class at a recent concert
The music class at a recent concert

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