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What Village Glen does best!

Why would you send your son or daughter to Village Glen? Why this school rather than any other? Pierre Duhem, the French physicist, once remarked on the difference between the French mind and the English mind, that the French mind was narrow but deep, whereas the English mind was broad but shallow. At Village Glen, we seek to have the best of both—we want students who are broad and deep, students who can address a wide variety of topics and themes, and not just superficially either, but in depth. How do we achieve this? By offering a wide variety of courses in depth. School districts typically require two years of a World Language—we offer three. They require two years of science—we offer four. And what if your student has an interest in Engineering? We offer them classes in Robotics, Electronics, Computer Science, Physics and Math. What if their interest is in the Arts? We have classes in Cartoon Animation, in Digital Design, in Music and Audio Engineering. Then there are our AP classes, classes for those wanting to get an even more penetrating look at a subject, as well as a jump-start on their college education. We offer four AP classes, the latest being AP Environmental Science in the fall. We offer Honors English from 9th grade up and we offer classes in Business and Entrepreneurship too. So, to my mind the right question to ask isn’t: why would you send your child to Village Glen? The right question is: why wouldn’t you?

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