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Admissions Process

Thank you for your interest in Village Glen School. 

The admissions process is designed to ensure that the appropriate match exists between your child’s needs and the school’s approach. There are several steps in that process:

1. Orientation Meeting: This meeting, designed for parents, describes the school’s program, philosophy, and approach. It also includes time to ask questions as well as a tour of the campus.

2. Application: Applications are available via the link below or from the admissions office. The application provides a checklist of required documents. After completion of the application, you will mail it along with the supporting documents to the admissions office.  VG Application 2011

3. Interview: You will be contacted within one week of application receipt to arrange 
an interview with you, your child, and an admissions staff person. This 60-90 minute meeting will review your child’s needs, provide time for questions, and give your child an opportunity to see the school.

4. Outside information: After the interview, the admissions evaluator will receive permission from you to contact one or more professionals who know your child well in order to obtain information from their point of view. Generally this will include your child’s most recent teacher.

5. The Decision: Assuming the evaluator has heard from the professional(s) mentioned above, you will be contacted by the evaluator within 7-14 days of the evaluation with the admissions decision. In some cases the committee may decide that one of our other schools is better suited to meet the student’s needs. In that case, admission to that alternate school may be offered.

6. Enrollment: This includes completing all the necessary forms for enrollment. The student can usually start school shortly thereafter.

Should you have further questions about the admissions process, please feel free to contact us directly at 818.779.5262.